As a company, we are focused on the continual improvement of producing the highest quality products on-time and excellence in our manufacturing processes of planning, execution, control, flexibility and efficiency.

Custom Winding

S. G. Smallwood Inc. has many years of experience and expertise in manufacturing winding styles of all types. Our Winding Capabilities include:

  • Linear winding styles – precision linear winding, orthocyclic winding, bobbin winding, layer winding, self supporting coils
  • Toroidal winding styles – precision toroidal winding, progressive winding, bank winding, progressive bank winding, sector winding
  • Universal winding, Litz wire winding and Foil winding
  • Custom winding styles

Manufacturing Processes

SCHEDULING – production is prioritized to customer delivery dates for on-time shipping
MATERIALS – supply management, incoming inspection, material prep
WINDING – linear winding, toroidal winding, universal winding, air coil winding, layer winding, custom
TOOLING – in house machine shop and specialized outside suppliers
ASSEMBLY – meticulous attention to quality in every step of our manufacturing build instructions
TESTING – full complement of transformer / inductor / winding testing capabilities
QUALITY – ISO 9001:2015 Quality Program, standard operating procedures and work instructions, continuous improvement
CONTROL – process control records, SPC trend analysis & monitoring


ENCAPSULATION – vacuum / pressure epoxy encapsulation processing

CURING – controlled curing process specific to material / volume processing specifications
INSPECTION – incoming, pre-start, in-process, product-specific and final inspections
LABELING – bar codes, serialized part numbers capability
DOCUMENTATION – as required by customer: Certificate of Compliance, RoHS certificate, production test records, Serialized part number report, customs documentation
PACKAGING – securely packed and ready for transportation

Manufacturing Equipment

Winding Machines – CNC linear, toroidal, bobbin winding, wire-on-wire winding, air coil winding, foil winding, custom machines
Wire Cutting, Wire Stripping
Insulation Material Slitting
Terminal Crimping - Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric
Terminal Pull testing
Soldering, Brazing
Vacuum Chambers
Pressure Chambers
Special Test Equipment for Transformers, Inductors and Custom Electromagnetic Components
Epoxy/Varnish Impregnation
Casting / Potting / Molding Encapsulation
Curing Ovens / Enclosures
Sand Blasting
Ultrasonic Cleaning and other cleaning and parts washing equipment
Parts Labeling
Cell Packaging
Process Validation Equipment

Custom Assemblies

Let us quote on your custom assemblies.